What we do

Pink Tank believes your annual report should be more than just a collection of balance sheets and news clips presented between glossy covers.

A good annual report is an opportunity to connect with a wide array of stakeholders through a well-crafted narrative about your organization. Shaped to align with the long-term objectives of an organization, we create annual reports that communicate company values, celebrate the achievements of hard-working employees and help companies move forward even as they reflect on the past.

Pink Tank’s writing style easily conveys the determination and goodwill our clients bring to their work, while our custom infographics summarize complex data and processes. We mix interviews with employees, stakeholders and leaders to raise the human profile of an organization and deliver a message that is inspiring, while also supporting the priorities of our clients. We also handle the whole process end-to-end, including designing, drafting and printing, as well as publishing in e-book format.

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