What we do

We envision conferences as windows into impact, transformational experiences, and launchpads for future initiatives.

Every conference plan starts with a client meeting to fully understand our clients’ objectives. We offer a 360º range of services — from sponsorship strategy to programming, data capturing to event production — that we tailor to our clients’ needs.

We then craft an action plan that relies on four key factors:

  • Intelligence: We use a research-driven method to gain insights into the challenges and opportunities of our client’s industry, as well as the influencers, stakeholders and audiences who will determine its future.
  • Creativity: We infuse each conference with an innovative, tech-based approach, such as using mobile-based apps instead of printed programs.
  • Transparency: We always make sure to include our client in each step of the process, ensuring their comfort with the partners we choose for event management.
  • Benchmarking: We strive to benchmark out client’s concept to similar events, which allows us to leverage models, aims and goals for future initiatives.

Let us transform your next conference into a launching pad for local — and global — success through our reliability, adaptability, and in-depth insights.

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